Mastering Egg Freezing: 24-pages of Must-Know Information

The ultimate guide to egg freezing

Egg freezing can be overwhelming - complex information over the internet, unclear pricing, language barriers, and never-ending research. Finding the right clinic and doctor and understanding the process and costs take time and effort. It can be extremely frustrating. 

But it doesn't have to be. 

I wrote this guide to simplify your egg freezing journey and walk you through the considerations so that you can make the right choice for yourself.

I froze my eggs in 2018. I was completely clueless then, so I understand your uncertainty and hesitation. Over the years, I spoke to more than 300 women and realised there is still a lot of uncertainty and apprehension.

From Confusion to Clarity: The Most Comprehensive Guide To Help You Save Time & Make the Best Choice 

Embark on your egg freezing journey with confidence. Our comprehensive research has got you covered. From the step-by-step process to cost breakdowns, risks, effectiveness, and key considerations, we've done the legwork for you. Say goodbye to endless hours of worry and research.

Download our guide to save time and effort. Need further assistance? Contact us for expert support at every stage.


The Ultimate Guide to Egg Freezing Considerations in Singapore-1

24-page guide - All your egg freezing questions answered:

  1. What Is Egg Freezing and How Does It Work
  2. Key Factors to Consider
  3. Who Should Consider Egg Freezing?
  4. How Effective Is Egg Freezing? Success Rates and Live Birth Rates
  5. What Are the Egg Freezing Process and Procedure?
  6. How Much Does Egg Freezing Cost in Singapore?
  7. How Long Can Frozen Eggs Be Stored?
  8. Will Egg Freezing Affect My Future Fertility?
  9. Pros and Cons of Egg Freezing: Things to Consider
  10. Side Effects of Egg Freezing
  11. Egg Freezing FAQs: Common Questions About the Process Answered
  12. What Are The Risks?


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"I scheduled a consultation to ask all the questions and doubts I had about egg freezing. Zora's advisors answered all of them patiently and guided me through the process. They truly exceeded my expectations with their professionalism and invaluable assistance.

I can't recommend Zora Health enough to anyone seeking guidance for egg freezing."

Jasmine Teo, 33, Marketing Senior Manager

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